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Custom Made Furniture

Sofa Reupholstery offers the very highest quality custom made furniture. We create elegant & modern furniture like bespoke sofas, bespoke headboards, etc.

Custom Made Furniture

For over 50 years, Sofa Re-Upholstery has been creating the highest standard custom made furniture. We can create just about any made-to-measure furniture. From bespoke sofas to elegant custom made headboards, we have been designing and manufacturing once-off furniture pieces for decades.


Our expert furniture manufacturers work closely with customers, helping to design made-to-measure pieces for homes and businesses.

With commercial clients, we can design everything from bar stools to corner units that use fabric that blends with the organisation’s branding.


Looking for a fully customised Queen Anne Chair or a Chaise Longue designed to the specifics of your interior design? Contact our Meath custom made furniture workshop today.


To commission a custom-made furniture piece, get in contact with Sofa Re-Upholstery today.

How to Commission a Custom Furniture Piece

Contact Us

Contact Us

Get in contact with our team today with a rough outline of what you’re looking for

Contact Us


We’ll schedule a consultation with our furniture manufacturing experts. During this consultation, we’ll go through in detail what you’re looking for using mock-up drawings and fabric swatches.

Contact Us

 Pre-Build Prep

The proposed location of the bespoke furniture is measured. These measurements inform the manufacturing process, ensuring that the furniture fits exactly in your home or business.

Contact Us

Build Complete

The furniture build is completed in our state-of-the-art custom made furniture workshop. Once the furniture is completed we can organise delivery or a pick-up.


To schedule a custom furniture build consultation, get in contact with Sofa Re-Upholstery today?

Custom Made Furniture FAQ

What custom furniture does Sofa Upholstery design and manufacture?

We can design any type of furniture some of our most recent commissions include:

  • Queen Anne Chairs
  • Bar Stools
  • Bespoke Couches
  • Custom Made Headboards
  • Chaise Longue
  • Corner Units
  • Kitchen Stools
  • Bay Window Fitted Chairs

How much does a bespoke sofa cost?

The actual cost of the sofa is dependent on a number of factors including the shape of the sofa, size of the sofa and the materials used. We can make recommendations to help keep costs low. We always aim to deliver the best-customised sofa prices possible. For a free quote, get in contact with our offices today.

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