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Furniture Repairs

For the best in professional furniture repair services in Ireland, contact Sofa Re-Upholstery today.

Furniture Repairs

Do you need the very best in furniture repairs? Then get in contact with Sofa Re-Upholstery. We have decades of experience in the furniture repair industry. Our expert services are available to clients in both the domestic and commercial markets.


Having an issue with your sofa’s springs. Has foam begun to seep out of your bar stools or is your sitting room set worn from wear and tear? Then contact our furniture repair expert today. As one of Ireland’s longest established furniture repair companies, we have the resources and the capacity to complete all sized furniture repair projects.


For a furniture repair quote, send us a picture of your damaged furniture and we’ll offer you a no-obligation repair quote.

Why Choose Sofa Re-Upholstery for Your Furniture Repairs?


We have extensive furniture repair experience. The expertise of our furniture repair team can complete repairs to the very highest of standards.


Our efficient furniture repair services mean we can complete even extensive repairs quickly while maintaining the high standards our customers have come to expect


Our professionalism – at every stage of the repair service – means we have long-standing relationships with some of Ireland’s most recognisable companies. We make hiring us for furniture repair easy and fast.


For a no-obligation furniture repair quote, get in contact with Sofa Re-Upholstery today.

Furniture Repairs FAQ

Do you offer Leather Couch Repair?

We can only offer leather sofa repairs to a real leather or hyde sofa. Please send us a picture of your damaged leather sofa and we can quote you a price and confirm if we can complete the repair.

What are the most common types of furniture repairs?

We have the experience and the resources to complete all types of furniture repairs. Some of the most common include

  • Foam replacement
  • Replacement of worn-out springs
  • Broken furniture legs
  • Wear and tears on fabric
  • Repair of the furniture’s wooden components
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